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The prospect of development of nanocrystalline magnetic powder cores is promising

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Reprinted / China Amorphous Industry Information Center

On the morning of 27th, Anhui Diweilepu Amorphous Equipment Co., Ltd. held an expert seminar and cooperation exchange meeting. Professor Zhang Wei from Dalian University of Technology and Professor Su Hailin from Hefei University of Technology made special presentation on the design of nanocrystalline (habitually called 107 amorphous) materials, the current application status and future development prospects of nanocrystalline magnetic powder core devices, and discussed the technical barriers of applications and other issues with the company leaders.

It is reported that there are many domestic companies engaged in the production of amorphous magnetic powder cores (used to be called 101 amorphous), but there are no domestic enterprises engaged in the mass production of nanocrystalline magnetic powder cores, mainly because there are still technical problems with the powder manufacturing, insulation process, the degree of crystallization and a reasonable control of stress relief annealing. At present, in the amorphous nanocrystalline powder core industry, South Korea's AMOSENSE is unique, with leading technology and high market share, but the company's main raw material, nanocrystalline strips, are mostly purchased from China.

Although the production technology and application promotion of nanocrystalline magnetic powder cores are challenging, they have broad market prospects in the new energy and energy-saving industries due to their lowest loss in soft magnetic powder cores and good DC bias characteristics. Inverters, electric vehicle chargers and drive systems, inverter air conditioners, UPS and other high-frequency power electronic devices have shown strong competitiveness.
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