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World Intellectual Property Day: Embrace Green Innovation, Reject Intellectual Property Infringementay: Embrace Green Innovation, Reject Intellectual Property Infringement

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April 26 is the 20th World Intellectual Property Day. The theme of this year's Intellectual Property Day is "Innovation for a Green Future". Intellectual property is ubiquitous, and its existence enables social and economic development, protects the designers and manufacturers behind each commodity, and enables companies to remain invincible in the market economy, and even represents a country and corporate image and dignity.

The savings of scientific and technological innovations have developed new kinetic energy, and the intellectual property has achieved fruitful success
Only reformers advance, but innovators are strong, but reformer and innovators win. Yunlu Advanced Materials has always attached importance to the improvement of innovation ability and put the development base point on innovation. Since the launch of amorphous material research and development in 2008, the company has adhered to the innovation drive and created the forefront of technological innovation. Test methods and other aspects have established an industrialized development system with independent intellectual property rights, technical strength from support to leadership, company development from follow-up, and run to lead.
Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, my China’s scientific and technological undertakings have achieved historic changes and achievements. Yunlu Advanced Materials has actively responded to the implementation of the strategy of strengthening the country through science and technology. Up to now, the company has accumulatively applied for more than 200 patents, obtained more than 90 authorized invention patents, and authorized more than 50 utility model patents, and its core competitiveness has been continuously improved.
From new materials for energy conservation and environmental protection, to new products for energy conservation and emission reduction, to the promotion of energy conservation and emission reduction in the industry...One item of green technology and one piece of green product promote the rapid development of the green economy, while the intellectual property system is for the company’s protection it has become an inexhaustible motivator for stimulating innovation and promoting the sustainable development of the green economy.

Promote strong intellectual property rights, let plagiarists have no chance
Intellectual property rights are connected with innovation on one end and the market on the other, and are an important bridge and link for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into real productivity. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "It is necessary to accelerate the construction of intellectual property protection systems in emerging fields and formats. It is necessary to increase the punishment of violations of intellectual property rights infringements and make infringer pay a heavy price."
A few days ago, the Qingdao Intermediate People’s Court held a press conference. In 2019, the Qingdao Court accepted a total of 2944 IPR cases. The “amorphous strip” infringement of trade secrets has become one of the ten typical cases of judicial protection of IPRs.
The road to innovation is long and difficult, and the rule is coming! Innovation is a lonely long-distance race without an end. Yunlu Advanced Materials will maintain the blue spirit of the road, with the enterprising spirit of Qishan Forest, inspiring and daring to be the pioneering spirit of the world, continue to open up the realm of innovation, and enrich the spirit of innovation.
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